Thursday, 26 September 2013

Lucknow Development Authority (LDA) announces to launch service apartments on Kanpur Road in Lucknow

Lucknow Development Authority (LDA) announces to launch service apartments on Kanpur Road in Lucknow

Lucknow Development Authority has announced to launch service apartment for the first time in city. The apartment is expected to attract attention of many takers who are looking for economic housing and convenient living. The service apartments are believed to have a number of attractive features and facilities.

In this project, flats would be small and so the pricing would also be affordable for middle and lower-middle class. These flats would be designed keeping in mind the needs of small families. LDA has hinted that they are planning to open registration of this apartment during Diwali.

Apart from service apartment on Kanpur Road, LDA is proposing to build two more housing projects in the same area. LDA has decided to launch all three projects on Kanpur Road this year itself. While two of the projects would comprise ordinary self-financed flats, the third one is being designed keeping in mind the needs of a special socio-economic section of society.

Located in sector H on Kanpur Road, the service apartment would be meant for those families which are nuclear in nature. The project will have one bedroom flats. It would also have one bathroom, one small kitchen and instead of drawing room, it would have one comfortable seating space. In this seating space, people can read, write and chat with their friends. These flats would be made on a 24000 square feet area.

Moreover, residents of this apartment would also need not worry about daily cooking meals for themselves. There would be a provision for opening a restaurant in the ground floor of the apartment. All flats would be connected with this restaurant through telephone. On the first floor, guestroom would be made. It would have four big halls / rooms that would be attached to bathrooms each. This is for the guests of residents. On their arrival they can be placed in one of these guest rooms which has all the comforts of service apartment.

The first floor would also have lobbies in which the residents can meet their friends and families. They can chat with them in these lobbies. They would be in the form of small cabins meant for sitting and talking.

The cost of these flats is being kept low to serve the purpose of economic housing. Because of its small size, the construction and the land cost would be less. Each flats is expected to cost between Rs 10-12 lakh only which is a milestone for LDA in such an expensive construction age.