Friday, 5 July 2013

Three new cities Bhiwani, Mahendragarh and Bharatpur included in National Capital Region (NCR)

Three new cities Bhiwani, Mahendragarh and Bharatpur included in National Capital Region (NCR)

The National Capital Region Planning Board (NCRPB) on Monday approved inclusion of two district of Haryana, Bhiwani and Mahendragarh, and one of Rajasthan, Bharatpur, in NCR.

Inclusion of these districts in NCR means more fund for development of infrastructure such as roads, public transport, sewer, health facilities, education and rapid connectivity with the national capital.

The NCR till now included nine districts of Haryana, five of Uttar Pradesh, Alwar in Rajasthan and the National Capital Territory (NCT).

Based on the request of the participating states, the board today approved the inclusion of Bharatpur in Rajasthan, Bhiwani and Mahendragarh in Haryana in the NCR. The planning committee will also meet up shortly to take up Jind and Karnal.The NCRPB will also meet up shortly to take up proposal to include Jind and Karnal into NCR..

To lessen the burden on Delhi, there is need to develop selected urban settlements with urban infrastructural facilities such as transport, power, communication, drinking water, sewerage, drainage, etc. comparable with NCT-Delhi. To promote sustainable development in the region to improve quality of life, these three new districts are included in the NCR.

He also said that the NCRPB approved the Rajasthan government’s request for identification of Jaipur as Counter-Magnet Area. Counter-Magnet areas act as interceptors of migratory flows into NCR due the accelerated development and also as regional growth centres, that would be able to achieve a balanced pattern of urbanization.

The Board also approved the Sub-Regional plan for UP sub-region.

Benefits for these cities:

  • Better public transport
  • Better health facilities
  • Better sewerage
  • Better Solid waste management
  • Better drainage
  • Better roads
The move to includes new city into National Capital Region (NCR) will also bring boom in real estate and infrastructure sector. With better connectivity and infrastructure people start moving to these new cities. More details here.